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Hiking with a view


The 3-summit hiking paradise

The Blomberg trail network includes more than 25 km of well-signposted hiking trails. Uphill, downhill or along the Höhenrundweg, everyone is sure to find their favourite route and personal secret vantage points.
Whether you come for hiking or for the view, the area is ideal for the whole family.


the peaks

  • Zwiesel at 1.348 hm
  • Blomberg cross at 1.237 hm
  • Heiglkopf at 1,218 hm

quotes from our summit books

"A magnificent view of the Alpine foothills, even down to the first snow-covered caps. The way is worthwhile in any case. This way holidays are relaxing, your head is freed from the stress of everyday life!"
- C. and H. Cuthardt / 28.09.19 on the Heiglkopf

"Anna was red as a tomato, Georg had been there for a long time! After a short sunbath we're off to the mountains, but oans muas ma song: So schee scho!"
- Anna and Schorschi / 18.03.19 on the Heiglkopf

"We were there too! It's beautiful up here - great view, blue sky - just fantastic!"
- Simone and Ralph / 16.10.19 on the Heiglkopf